E s p e c i a l l y   F o r   Y o u

Enza Pitocco began writing poetry a number of years ago. A thought, a reflection and a person or event and the words would simply flow as she held the pen in her hand.

From a wide selection of poems created over the years Enza sat and gathered together a number which is now published in her first book entitled 'Especially For You'. We know, for a fact, that this will be the first in a number of further publications.


My gift to you the reader.

This collection of poetry was selected from the many poems I have written for friends and family over the past twenty five years.

I hope that you enjoy the content and the simple and heartfelt meaning as much as they did.

With best wishes,



Table of Contents


1 Angel Whispers

3 Rainbow's End

5 Two Souls Danced

7 Kira May

9 The Diamond

11 Children's Laughter

13 My Heart Will Cry

15 To Walk Unseen

17 Compassion

19 I Miss You

21 We All Play Games

23 Don't Look Back

25 Remember When

27 Friends are Forever

29 When We Learn

31 Love

33 Are You Crying

35 The Music

37 In Fields of Dreams

39 Pride

41 The Edge of Time

43 You Cast A Spell

2 Did You Ever

4 I Said a Prayer

6 Marriage

8 Taken

10 Join the Dots

12 Worry

14 The Gentle Rain

16 My Dear Friend

18 Hit The Road

20 A Love That Never Dies

22 A Gift

24 A Brave New World

26 Truths

28 Memories

30 Heartstrings

32 With Love and Gratitude

34 How Great Thou Art

36 A Heart That is Truly Broken

38 Triang Scooter

40 You Are Mine

42 The Self You Cannot Hide

44 Gentle Healing Prayer


2 Did You Ever

Did you ever stop to think about my broken heart?
When all my tomorrows were simply torn apart.
Did you ever feel the pain of letting your love go?
To the arms of another, who says she They loves you so.

Did you ever see the tears of your children when you left?
Faces filled with anguish, fear, totally bereft.
Did you ever realise how very loved you were?
A first kiss I remember and all the feelings that were stirred.

Did you ever stop to think of the sadness left behind?
Not saying that you were sorry
No words of any kind.
Did you ever stand and ponder the wisdom of your ways?

One day you might reflect a thought, for all your yesterdays
Did you ever?

21 We All Play Games

We all play games
Yes, you and me
For life's experience
Can't you see?

We can gain a lot
When we understand
What motivates
Our fellow man

We are all mirrors
Reflecting back
To show another
What they lack

So think,
Before you speak today
Make truth your motto
Come what may

Play your games
But just be kind
And happiness
Will be yours to find

Look in the mirror
If you dare
I hope you see
A face that is fair

32 With Love and Gratitude

It is with purest love and gratitude
That I come to you today
To thank you for all the happiness
That you gave me along life's way

Your devotion and your caring
Touched deep into my heart
And I carried that love with me
When the time came for us to part.

I am always standing near you
I have dried your countless tears
I speak to you at night time
And take away your pointless fears.

We will always be connected even though you cannot see
The beauty of our endless love
And all that you meant to me

42 The Self You Cannot Hide

I wish I could have helped the child you safely hid away.
The child too frightened to express your fear, knowing what they would cruelly say.
Emotions frozen in one moment of time, no tenderness expressed.
Empty arms and empty hearts, no one to say "God bless."

I could see the child you tried to hide struggling to break free.
To find the strength to tell the world who you really wanted to be.
Stand tall, be true, learn to live your life with pride.
For you are worthy of the best and from the self you cannot hide.

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