We are a small internationally based publishing house who are independent and hold no particular focus on a specific audience. Yes, you did read that correctly!
All of our work is aimed at a wide audience who come from a wide range of backgrounds. There is no assumptions made about who will read, understand in their own unique way and benefit from the material which we publish.

Steven Warren Publishing was created in 2010 and includes both print, downloadable formats such as E-book and audio.

We are here to support new as well as established authors who wish to see their work in both print and E-book and for some as audio recorded material. To this end we work with talented and committed people who will support such aims.

The publishing house focuses on all areas of personal development philosophy and related concepts and ideas but from a modern accessible approach.

This can relate to a broad spectrum of human experience and expression. The publishing house focuses on all areas of personal philosophy. In contrast to the more commercially driven publishing houses we wish to support the growing work of people world wide who are creating, in a variety of forms, to communicate with a general audience about aspects of personal life, expression and development.

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