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Self publishing is no longer seen by both people in the business of communication, namely authors themselves as well as members of the public, as vanity publishing but instead a viable way of publishing. Now called Indie Publishing Steven Warren Publishing uses the online format to create and present ideas from authors in a variety of media such as print; e-book; audio; pod-casts and video recordings.

| About the team |

A B O U T   S t e v e n   W a r r e n

Steven Warren is an international speaker and author as well as broadcaster. He has appeared in over forty two countries and lives in London, UK. He is also a successful businessman and chairman and technical director of an internationally based medical company.

Steven's background is in neuropsychology and neurophysiology and he used to practice as a Jungian based psychotherapist and specialist counsellor in terminal care, bereavement, loss transition and change and chronic pain.


We receive manuscripts in related areas which are read by our team of experienced editors.

In addition we offer both photographic and book and related cover design services from the talented Ms Katharina Weber.

Please visit Ms Weber's website to see her work and download her recent cover design for Steven Warren's Life's Meaning for Today and cover design for Steven Warren's Life's Meaning Journal. .


A B O U T   K a t h a r i n a   W e b e r

If you ask me about my profession I would say I am a media designer for digital and print media but my main passion is photography. From that moment when I look through the viewfinder and realise all that can be done with the subject, why then that is what draws me to photography. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and my selection of work.

Katharina Weber Wenn man mich nach meinem Ber fragt sage ich. dass ich Mediendesigner fur Digital-und Printmedien bin,

Doch meine Leidenschaft ist die Fotografie. Der Moment in dem man durch den Sucher schaut und ganz allein mit dem Motiv sein kann. Das ist es was mich su der Fotografie hinzieht.

Ich hoffe. Sie haben ein angenehmes Gefuhl, bei dem betrachten der Bider. Vieien Dank, furs vorbeikommen.

Katharina Weber.

| H o w  w e  w o r k  w i t h  y o u |

Once a manuscript has been accepted what happens next? We assign an ISBN for international publication from Nielsen Book Services United Kingdom. Your rights as the author are protected and you can see an example of how we as your publisher do this below.

We have a range of services which we can offer to you according to amount of support you require in terms of preparing your work for public presentation. From print and design

Below from a recent Lulu Blog entry.

When it came time to publish her new book, Walking the War Zones of Pakistan: One Woman’s Journey Into the Shadow of the Taliban, Ruth Anne Kocour planned to bypass traditional publishers because she wanted to “enjoy more control over the final product.”

Despite having had an “excellent” experience working with St. Martin’s Press on her first book, Facing the Extreme, Kocour didn’t want to go through extensive re-writes and wait years to see Walking the War Zones of Pakistan in the hands of readers especially since Kocour believes independent publishing is the future of the industry:

“I believe traditional publishing will focus more on subjects with broad market appeal, sensational subjects, timely events, and/or celebrity-type bios, and I see self-publishing as an excellent option for subjects with niche markets or those of regional interest, that wouldn’t capture the attention of a mainstream publisher.”

So Kocour turned to Lulu who evaluated her manuscript as part of the Editorial Quality Review package. Together they worked on a mechanical edit that improved grammar and punctuation, and which she called “the most technical and comprehensive edit I’ve ever had.” For the cover Kocour provided Lulu with photos she thought would “lend to a good design” and received two mock-ups back, both “top notch.” Overall Kocour is quick to praise Lulu, which she says “exceeded her expectations.” Even the process itself was “fun.”

Having a successful media tour for Facing the Extreme already under her belt, Kocour was at an advantage in terms of marketing. She drew from her network of journalists and bloggers, among others, and was even contacted by new media via her website, through referrals, or from her talks. Additionally the timeliness of her story helped — and now hardly a week goes by when she’s not asked to speak or do a TV interview. Still, she learned a lot about publicity this time around:

“Media loves media. Once you have a successful track record with the media, you become a known entity–one they can count on. We have several of my TV interviews posted on my website where media people and others can access them.”

Now Kocour is an independent publishing convert, and sees the route as not only viable, but preferable for new and veteran authors. Currently conceptualizing a new story, Kocour plans to once again publish through Lulu. She also intends to bring Facing the Extreme back in print—in hardcover, paperback, and as an eBook. This, too, will be through Lulu.

Her advice to new authors is very simple.

“If you think you have a book in you, and you want to get it out there, then do it! And definitely take advantage of the vast array of services Lulu has to offer, and its great staff who are more than willing to walk you through the process.”


| Services and Support |

We link with a whole host of support services from marketing to editorial to proof reading. When we work with you we discuss with you which services may be of importance to your finished work.

If you would like to discuss an idea or complition of your book then, in the first instance, please email us directly by sending a message to Steven at the following address:





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