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Whether you are a writer, author, publicist, journalist, or working in the media writer, author, broadcaster and international speaker, Steven Warren, created his own publishing company in 2010. The primary reasons which motivated him to do this relate to:

- the way in which the public worldwide now access information

- the fact that there are a growing number of people presenting incredible, ground breaking ideas about
  topics relating to the future elements of personal philosophy

- to support each other in the work which has yet to become more widely recognised by scientists, philosophers, educationalist but most   importantly by the people in the street who are rapidly wakening to thinking about issues in a radically new way than has ever been seen  before in the history of mankind.

Steven discovered the need for creating a publishing house based on his wide experience in a variety of professional caring and support roles. As an educationalist and clinician working for the past thirty five years in terminal care, bereavement and adaptation to loss he has now directed his current and future work to writing and recording to share the insights and understanding of the connection with TRUE SELF in our lives.

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About Steven Paul Warren Philosopher, Author, Speaker and Broadcaster

Steven Warren is an international speaker and author and is creator of his unique philosophy Dynamic Cognition which forms the basis of The DC Effect in Your Life- his modern philosophy which illuminates the multifaceted person through our sustained connection with TRUE SELF. The latest publication 'The Power of Caring in Health and Healing' will be released in print, e-book and audio book format in March 2013. To learn more then please visit his website www.stevenwarren.co.uk







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